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Let's connect to discuss the best ways we can drive new customer acquisition for your business. Whatever your advertising goals, whether you’re a local mom-and-pop shop, or a national brand, WCAX will deliver results and help your business thrive.

WCAX brings the power of a national agency to your business.

Gray Digital Media is a division of Gray Television, Inc., which owns and operates high-quality local television stations in 113 media markets. When you partner with WCAX, you not only get the personal attention of an exceptional local sales team that understands your market and your industry. You also get the expertise of a national team of digital marketing experts who craft compelling messages, build powerful campaigns, and measure results in an easy-to-understand and meaningful way.

At WCAX, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach. We’re not going to pitch the cool, new digital product or our latest advertising package.

Why Choose WCAX? The WCAX Digital Marketing Team innovates, creates solutions & solves marketing problems.

Innovative Solutions

WCAX works with you to understand your business’s key performance indicators and identify the best solutions that will give you a competitive edge and grow your business.

Experienced Team

Take advantage of WCAX’s superior local market knowledge backed by a nationwide digital marketing agency. The WCAX digital solutions team ensures we’re optimizing your campaigns to drive performance.

Creative & Critical Thinkers

Engage your audiences with powerful storytelling by capitalizing on the creativity of our video production and graphic design professionals. And enjoy a full team of critical thinkers who will exceed your expectations.

Exceptional Support

Get unparalleled attention from a team of local broadcast and digital sales professionals backed by GDM’s corporate team of digital marketing experts. We’re responsive, passionate, and transparent – and we work with you to get the results and answers you need.

Unrivaled Reporting

With WCAX Digital Marketing Solutions, you’ll get the metrics that matter in a way that’s easy to understand and act upon. Our robust, real-time dashboards update daily, allowing you to gauge the performance of your campaigns. We go beyond clicks and impressions. We tell the story behind the data.

What We’ve Done WCAX & Gray Digital Media will deliver results and help your business thrive.
113 Local Markets
15+ Products
3,000 Monthly Campaigns
1,695,412,393 Display Ads Delivered
481,334,292 Video Ads Played
14,053,183 Targeted Emails Sent
117,127,394 Campaign Clicks
723,693 Conversions
164 Reported Metrics
Our Audience WCAX delivers a vast & robust audience & the results to help your business thrive.
2,231,196 Weekly Broadcast Impressions
999,276 Monthly Web Users
194,461 Social Media Followers
41,567 Monthly App Users
WCAX Digital Solutions Marketing Solutions that drive results for your business!
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WCAX offers a full suite of digital products that are strategically deployed into a marketing solution that drives results. Whether you want to build awareness, create engagement, or generate leads, we’ll create the right mix to meet your goals. And we know your goals can change over time, so our nimble team will regularly monitor campaigns, communicate with you, and adjust as needed to ensure success.

WCAX-TV & WCAX Digital: A Powerful Combination

Digital advertising is most impactful when combined with the power and reach of WCAX-TV. WCAX delivers over 2.2 Million broadcast television impressions each week!

With a rich history of over 70 years of broadcast and media expertise, we deliver meaningful content to thousands of viewers on multiple platforms each day.

Leverage the best of WCAX Television and WCAX Digital Solutions, and watch your business prosper.

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Testimonials What Our Clients Are Saying

It has been wonderful to benefit from the knowledge, experience and service that they have to offer. They care about us as a customer and as a business and want us to succeed. I enjoy the diverse marketing offerings that they provide and am confident that we are getting the right message with the right format to our customers.

Brian T.

Home Improvement – Lansing, MI

In a time where clients are treated like a commodity and personal attention is rare, the Gray team excels at knowing our business and our people. They always meet our needs expeditiously, too.

Josh G.

Automotive – Knoxville, TN

I am very pleased with all the products we have used so far, but most of all I am impressed with the people working there. Their service and willingness to help is truly impressive. Their team has been able to use data from our ad campaign to recommend improvements to our advertising.

Will B.

Entertainment – Columbus, GA

GDM provides innovative techniques and strategies, through their experience and expertise, that grows competitive advantages and delivers high performance results. The strength of their partnership commitment is evident in their communication, customized reporting and analysis and strategic recommendations.

Nancy H.

Healthcare – Nashville, TN

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